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Data Visualizations and the Ocean

January 23, 2011

I recently became interested in the growing field of “data visualizations”.  It’s the science and art of conveying big chunks of information in simple ways.  Or at the least, in ways simple enough for broader audiences to access the information.

The oceans make up about 70% of the planet, and yet are rarely thought of by the average Joe.  A big part of this is our terrestrial existence.  But another part of it is that it is really hard to explain this foreign realm, and often even more so when we try to explain the problems facing it.

Data visualization is a great way to overcome this.  So, going forward, I’ll be doing my best to highlight great visualizations.

It would be really cool to see the comms departments of big eNGOs build up capacity in this area.  I hope to see it one day.

Not know what I mean?  Check out this brilliant documentary:

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