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Guillame Nery

January 29, 2011

Guillame Nery is another world-class freediver who has really caught my interest.

This 28yr old Frenchman broke the world record in Constant Weight (e.g. fins) with a dive to 87 meters in 2002.  This is really incredible when you think that he was just 20 years old.   In 2004, he took the record to 96m, and then 109 in 2006.*

Why do I like him?  Well, he’s shown some real charisma and a creative knack for promoting freediving.

For example, this beauty of an artistic video (which has won a couple awards):


(With his girlfriend, also a freediver)

And here he is playing at Nemo 33, the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool (and where I was lucky enough to visit a few weeks ago):

What is he doing now?  His posts on his blog reveal that he’s now in winter training for what will probably be another year packed with competitions.  He’ll be a freediver to follow.

*Herbert Nitsch has the current record at 124m.

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