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Links 2011-02-22

February 23, 2011

I’ve taken a little break from reviewing the news, and I find that there’s been some good stuff happening lately.  Here are my favorites.

  1. Big fish such as cod, tuna, and groupers have declined worldwide by two-thirds while the number of anchovies, sardines and capelin has surged in their absence
  2. ISSF is calling for closures and catch limits to protect bigeye in the Pacific Ocean and yellowfin in the Indian Ocean.
  3. Recently, the conservation community saw a win (despite some grey area tactics) and the Japanese whaling season was closed early.  Now Japan may suspend whaling permanently.
  4. There is a new non-profit alliance to protect the Sargasso Sea.
  5. According to the UN, only 2% of world GDP is needed to end poverty and save the planet.
  6. Aquarium eagle rays give birth after mating more than 2 years ago.  (Plus a great video of baby eagle rays)
  7. Some fish evolved in a flash to survive highly polluted waters.  Strange to find a story that makes be both optimistic and disgusted at the same time.




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