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Links 2011-02-23

February 23, 2011
  1. Looks like the world’s scientific institutions will soon be studying the effects of iron seeding (Underwater Times).  I’m open to this, so long it is not done without consideration like in 2007.
  2. One of the world’s shipping titans is moving into green vessels, producing 50% less CO2 (Inhabit).
  3. There is a sad and lonely whale out there because he doesn’t sing like everyone else (Good).
  4. A new study says that 75% of the world’s reefs are now at risk (Nature Conservancy).
  5. We’ll have 50 million environmental refugees by 2020, and 1 billion by 2050 (TreeHugger).
  6. The EPA softens on air pollution standards for heavy industry, possibly a sign of things to come (Scientific American).
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