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Links 2011-02-28

February 28, 2011
  1. Cool visualization of all vessels and hostages held by Somali pirates as of last week (NYT).
  2. Costco has stopped carrying 12 seafoods that are harvested in an unsustainable manner:  Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut, Chilean sea bass, Greenland halibut, grouper, monkfish, orange roughy, redfish, shark, skates and rays, swordfish and bluefin tuna (Seafood Source).
  3. A company is very close to begin mining the seafloor off Papua New Guinea (Edmunton Journal).  Deep-sea mining will be highly destructive and no management yet are in place to reduce its impacts.
  4. Fracking (a type of drilling for natural gas) is causing radioactive water to enter drinking water supplies, with Pennsylvania the most affected (NYT).
  5. Greenland lost parts of its ice sheet larger than France last year (Good).
  6. Europe has proposed adding seven new chemicals to its list of substances of very high concern (TreeHugger).
  7. Scientists are hesitant to declare a species ‘extinct’ in the fear of “Lazarus species” or species popping up when they should be gone (WaPo).  Unfortunately, these events are relatively few. The Red List declared 473 species extinct in the first decade of this century, and only a handful of species have ever reappeared. Extinction may not always be forever, but it usually is.
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