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Shifting Gears

March 26, 2011

So I’ve taken a few weeks hiatus for work and a great vacation out to Santa Barbara.   I missed the blogging, but it gave me a nice opportunity to reflect on this on-going experiment.

I’ve decided to make a couple changes.

First, I’ll shift from doing various mid-week link updates to a Sunday news round up.  This helps focus my news updates and offers readers a more predictable flow of information.

Second, I’m going to start working solely on 2-3 month long series.  I’ve found my blogging to be a mile wide and an inch deep, and this hasn’t been very fulfilling.  I like depth and I think the reader will appreciate the meatier content.

Each series will focus on one marine policy issue and attempt to get at it from a great many angles.  I’ve not seen blogs run this way before, so I’m wading into new territory here.

The first series of posts will focus on IUU fishing.  A new post is coming soon.

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