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Sunday Round Up – #8

May 15, 2011

This has been a wild week.   On the bad, I had a bad accident on Tuesday and will be moving at a much slower pace for the next month or so.  On the good, the accident taught me a few interesting things.

And even better?  My recent post on Tyler Cowen’s The Great Stagnation was shared by Cowen on his blog Marginal Revolution.  He told me that he agrees with what I wrote, which is pretty cool for a new blogger and young guy like me.  The resulting traffic?  Well, in 24 hours I’ve had 1,356 hits, which blows my usual numbers out of the water.


Top Stories

President Obama will open Alaska’s national petroleum reserve to new drilling, as part of a broad plan aimed at blunting criticism that he is not doing enough to address rising energy prices.  Unfortunately, more drilling is not the answer for the long term problems we’re facing.

The BBC got its hands on a draft of the European Commission’s proposal for reforming the CFP.  It would offer controversial quotas 15 years in duration, which would effectively privatize EU waters.  I’m mixed on whether this is good or not.  But I am happy to see a plan to phase out discards and to require a return to MSY.

Sea grass is in grave danger.   Nearly one-third of the world’s known seagrass species are in decline and ten species are at risk of extinction, often due to declining water clarity, according to a landmark global analysis.  Sea grass supports fish and shellfish that feed millions of people.

Iceland has apparently called off its annual whale hunt due to low demand from Japan.  Meanwhile, Australia continues with its plan to bring Japan before the International Criminal Court for its “scientific whaling”.

Sea Shepherd is going to Libya to stop the poaching of bluefin.  I hope they don’t get shot…a little different than taking on the Japanese.


Other Stories

A new UN report warns that humans could triple the natural resources they consume by 2050 unless economic growth is “decoupled” from current consumption rates.

NOAA is very concerned about a spike in whale strandings in recent years.

Scientists have come us with a relatively cheap DNA test to trace the origins of fish.  These techniques could potentially revolutionize the fight against IUU.

Scientists are alarmed by diseased fish in the Gulf, likely a result of the Deepwater Horizon spill.


Worth Reading/Watching

Miller-McCune has a fantastic piece on a new deal to push forward work on listing new endangered species in the US.  An NGO agrees to stop suing,  and an agency agrees to prioritize and make progress by 2016.  (Hat tip Aquafornia)

Wonder about what’s happening to bin Laden’s body?  Mother Jones has answers.

A great video on ocean acidification (12mins).

Climate scientists meet the Beastie Boys with a License to Ill. (2 mins, NSFW)

Good magazine reviews the fish hook that will set bluefin tuna free.

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