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The Deep Sea Conservation Blog

May 30, 2011

I’ve recently been given the immense pleasure of blogging not just in my spare time.  In my day to day work, I support an organization that is a member of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.  The DSCC, as it’s called, is a large coalition of over 70 international organizations working to protect the very vulnerable deep sea.

As part of its 2011 campaigning, it’s launched a great blog.  Because of my experience writing for the web, I was very kindly tapped to work as the blog’s content editor and primary writer, and I get to work with a fantastic team to make sure the writing is good and the content is always fresh.

Though we’ll cover many things, I’m most excited to be able to write on the various international meetings and negotiations at the United Nations.  This institution’s workings have long been a mystery to me, and I have yet to see any good writing on it online.

Of course, if you don’t want to take my recommendation, you can certainly listen to the very talented bloggers over at Deep-Sea News and Southern Fried Science.

Here’s a great video sampling of some of the deep sea’s beauties:


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