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Sunday Round Up – #11

June 5, 2011

Marine policy news was a bit slow this past week, but what news there was managed to score high on importance.

Top Stories

The Fish Fight Campaign launched a Europe campaign in Brussels on June 1 after a very successful campaign in the UK.  The campaign aims to put an end to the practice of discarding less valuable fish at sea.  More here.

OCEAN2012 launched its European Fish Week to highlight the deplorable state of EU fisheries.  June 4-12, more than 40 events across Europe (and one in Africa) will engage the public in calling for an effective reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). This year, the theme is ‘Back to the Future’.

Eight countries parties are calling on the U.S. to support their sustainable tuna management policies.  This group, known as the ‘Parties to the Nauru Agreement’ or ‘PNA’, are now renegotiation a treaty that allows the U.S. access to their fisheries.  Compared to other countries, the past terms for the U.S. have been very generous.

A new study found that the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia is more biodiverse than even the tropical Galapagos islands.  Unfortunately, the waters around this island are some of the fasting warming in the world.


Other Stories

Italy’s Slow Food movement aims to save threatened fish species by serving you ‘ugly’ species.  No, this is not as bad as it sounds. The movement through a seafood fair in Genoa to introduce consumers to other tasty, but less sought after fish like scorpionfish and needlefish.

A new study concludes that ocean acidification, along with increased ocean temperatures, will likely severely reduce the diversity and resilience of coral reef ecosystems within this century.

We should not only be considered about ocean oil wells that spring a leak.  A new study shows that this has a major effect on local ecosystems.

Another study found that ocean acidification makes clownfish go deaf.  Interestingly, they can’t yet explain why.


Worth Reading/Watching

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition launched a new website and a blog.  Yours truly has the pleasure of being the blog editor.

Foreign Policy magazine explains why we are at an impasse in the Doha Round of WTO trade negotiations.  In short, advanced countries want the major emerging economies to open up their industrial sectors, while those economies are nervous about derailing growth and sparking a backlash against trade at home.  Meanwhile, small developing countries don’t have much to gain from the items on the discussion table.

A powerful data visualization on the decline of Atlantic fisheries has been created by the very talented David McCandless for the European Fish Week.

ABC News does a great 2 min segment on the state of fish fraud in the U.S.

Richard Louv, writer and thinker on the ‘nature-deficit disorder’, gives us 7 reasons why we need a new Nature Movement.


Fun Stuff

Africa has the ‘Big Five’, while the Great Barrier Reef has the ‘Great Eight’.

A giant Grenadier is searching for help.  More videos to come.


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