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Ocean Pollution in East Asia

July 1, 2011

A small fishing village in Jiangsu Province, downstream of the Yangtze River. Water and air in the area is severely polluted. There are 50 homes in this village.

Over-exploitation.  Habitat destruction.  Pollution.  These are the trifecta of ocean calamity. I tend to blog on the first problem, but they are all three well-worth our attention.

I recently came across this powerful Greenpeace report on water pollution in East Asia.  The region’s major rivers are horribly polluted and yet people still depend on the water for consumption, and the fish for their livelihoods.  The result is quite tragic.

Greenpeace provides some excellent case studies of four rivers: the Chao Phraya in Thailand; the Neva in Russia; the Marilao in the Philippines; and the Yangtze in China.  These were then paired with case studies of persistent pollution problems in the developed world because we failed to take action.

As Greenpeace explains it, the right thing to do is to take action “action to phase out the use and discharge of hazardous chemicals, rather than attempting to control the damage with end-of-pipe treatment methods.”

If you like the photo above, there are more good photos a here.

(Image: Fishing Village in Jiangsu Province, Credit: Greenpeace)

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  1. sandy permalink
    July 4, 2011 10:38 am

    Thanks for writing about this. Glad there are still some people like you who value our world’s oceans.

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