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Sightline Series on Ocean Acidification

July 11, 2011

Ocean acidification – due to the excessive release of carbon into the atmosphere – is very likely the greatest threat to the oceans.   We know that many ocean species will struggle, if not go extinct, in the more acidic ocean of the future.  And we know that we need to greatly reduce our carbon emissions to limit the damage.

The challenge, however, is that we just don’t have good PR on the issue.  The public is still largely unaware of the problem and what can be done about it.  That is why I’m glad I came across an online blog series by the Sightline Institute – a think tank focusing on sustainability issues in the Pacific Northwest.

Jennifer Langston, part of Sightline’s Northwest Ocean Acidification Project, has posted four solid posts on the science, need for concern, and impacts.   Expert interviews, photos, and video help round out some solid content. My favorite is that on the history of acidification research.  Langston begins:

[S]cientists believed the effects of this chemical process—called ocean acidification—would be confined to deep offshore ocean waters for some time. Models projected it would take decades before corrosive waters reached the shallow continental shelf off the Pacific Coast, where an abundance of sea life lives.  Until a group of oceanographers started hunting for it.

I recommend you check out the rest here.

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