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Weekly Marine Policy Round Up – #20

August 7, 2011

Top Stories

Pacific nations began forming a regional shark sanctuary.   Some question whether the commercial impacts have been thought through. Meanwhile, Oceana called for a ban on shark-derived products from countries with insufficient protections.

The U.S. outlined why it may impose sanctions on Iceland for its whaling.

A small minority in Japan’s Fishing Agency consider ending whaling.

The CoML publishes a paper on the human impacts on the deep-sea, explaining that protections lag far behind exploitation.

Other Stories

A war of acronyms: The GOP tries to gut the EPA.

Department of the Interior approves Shell’s arctic drilling plans.

Forecasters predict 70 percent likelihood of a major hurricane striking the U.S. this summer.


Worth Reading / Watching

The use and abuse of shark statistics.

Sophistry to fight the ‘bluies’ who foolishly want to ban FADs.  (Yes, it is worth signing up for a few subscription to Atuna)

Excellent video exploring the Great Cod Collapse (4 mins).

Catch shares in England were a “quiet steal”

Should seafood eco-labels include carbon footprints?

A good quick overview of the Montreal Protocol and its status as one of the few successful international treaties on the environment..

Watching out for anti-environmental ‘riders’ in Congress.

A new paper in MEPS (Marine Ecology Progress Series) describes for the first time the communities—villages, in a sense—of whales and dolphins living offshore in the northwest Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.  Julia Whitty illustrates and elucidates.

Marine fungi are totally badass.


Good Stuff

New study finds that fishhooks are a danger to fishermen.

Mariachis serenade a whale.  I think he’s probably had too much tequila.

Lobster webcam.  Oddly hypnotic.

The blenny hunters, after one of favorite dive creatures.

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