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Weekly Marine Policy Round Up – #21

August 14, 2011

Top Stories

Decades of conservation actions at multiple scales have had a positive impact for many of the world’s endangered species. While such actions have not yet turned back the tide of the current mass extinction crisis, they have achieved notable successes which often get lost in the gloom-and-doom news stories on biodiversity declines.

Reduced catches of small oceanic ‘forage’ fish like sardines and anchovies may be required in some ocean areas in order to protect the larger predators that rely on these species for food.

Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s Fish Fish has had the unintended effect of increasing overall fish consumption. Meanwhile, Greenpeace calls for more Fish Fighting to help Spain get on board with the CFP reform.

A new European Commission report claims that vessels operating with beam trawls were not only damaging the environment, but were also the least economic.

Piracy has become more common off the coast of West Africa the International Maritime Bureau has said. The head of the bureau, Capt Pottengal Mukundan, said there were 15 attacks off the coast of Benin in the first half of the year. 


Other Stories

Seafood Watch is expanding its mission to better work with large seafood buyers and have them use their purchasing power to affect changes in fisheries and aquaculture operations that don’t presently meet the program’s sustainability standards.

Various Spanish government agencies are to implement a scheme to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, smuggling, and tax fraud.

Nigeria’s national fish productivity is on the decline, a professor of fisheries, Lagos State University (LASU), Prof Antetekhai Martins, has said.

Congolese authorities have taken steps to curb illegal fishing in their territorial waters to ensure the survival of fishery resources and boost food security. The latest measure is a satellite surveillance system that monitors all the fishing boats operating in the country’s maritime waters.


Worth Reading / Watching

Lawrence Juda of the University of Rhode Island writes in the World Politics Review on the history of ocean management and contemporary issues.  A great primer for those new to ocean policy.  (You can get the article with a free trial membership)

Sydney Holt asks: “Can the UN help the IWC clean up its act?”

Amanda Maxwell at NRDC Switchboard discusses how Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park in Baja California is the “most robust marine preserve in the world.”  (This was the recent finding of Scripps researchers)

A social scientist goes to live ‘off the grid’ for a year.  I’m jealous.

Beautiful Oceana video of Chilean ecosystems (3 min)


Good Stuff

The world’s largest stop-motion animation tells a tale of fishing (2 min)

Things that kill more people than Sharks (hippos, high school football, and falling out of bed)

Photogallery of the Great American Drought (incredible)

How to tow a building-sized iceberg

I wish this were my office.

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