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Assorted Links

August 31, 2011
  1. Will I take a pill to prevent sunburn?  Corals tell us how to do it.
  2. Get clean using eco-friendly Shark Fin SOAP.
  3. Community managed forests have lower rates of deforestation.  Would the same be true for over-fishing in community managed MPAs?
  4. Defining bycatch. It’s not so simple.  And I’ll add that it’s getting trickier as discarding is restricted and new markets result.
  5. Two different approaches to ‘Wilderness’.  One with indigenous peoples, the other without.  Interesting parallel with how we define the marine environment…one with fishermen, one without.
  6. It’s values, not the science, that hampers climate change action.  “To win the scientific debate about climate change, we just… oh wait, we already did. But to win the political debate, we need to spend less time on the details of the scientific debate and much more on the underlying values…”
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