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The Lobster Fishermen of Honduras

September 14, 2011

“There is still a lot of lobster being pulled by hand, and it is being chilled and brought to the U.S.,” said Eric Douglas, a diving safety expert and author who has studied divers in Honduras, Brazil and Mexico. Consumers have forced the tuna industry to protect dolphins and sea turtles, but when it comes to lobster fishing “we don’t seem to care about the human beings,” he said.

The conditions for lobster fishermen are horrid and fueled by U.S. demand.  The risk of getting the bends is huge after repeated dives with quick ascents.  Here’s more:

Typically, 100 sleep on hammocks slung together in the cramped cabin of a boat measuring no more than 80 feet. To dull pain and fear, they smoke marijuana, clouding the boat with so much smoke that Dr. Mejía said he had to go to the prow for fresh air.

Check out the rest of this great NYT article.

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