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Iceland Fires Back on Its Whaling Policy

September 15, 2011

Jon Bjarnason, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture of Iceland, has expressed surprise and disappointment over the Pelly Amendment certification of Iceland. “The US authorities are not consistent when they criticise Iceland for its fin whale hunting on the one hand and ask for the support of Iceland and other member States of the International Whaling Commission for their bowhead quota off Alaska on the other hand. Scientific information clearly shows that the Icelandic fin whale hunting is no less sustainable than the US bowhead whaling”.

Ouch.  But isn’t there a difference between American Inuits catching small numbers of bowhead for food and Icelandic companies catching much higher numbers of fin whales for sale?   Oh…and what about the fact that Iceland’s whaling is legally questionable, where as the US whaling is approved by the IWC?

More here.

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