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Cleaning Up the Trash: Project AWARE’s Debris Month of Action

September 20, 2011

The oceans have been used as a trash heap for centuries.  Human junk has been tossed into the waves with the assumption that it would be out of sight, out of mind.

Thankfully, today that much less the case.  There are now laws prohibiting dumping.  We see the damage through scuba diving and marine science surveys.  And, for many of us, we can’t get out of our mind that this is hurting ecosystems we depend on.

Project AWARE runs an innovative Marine Debris program that directs the Scuba Community in cleaning up dive sites and other locations.  And this month, the program is running the Debris Month of Action to build greater support.  Here’s a video telling more:

All in all, this is an important first step to cleaning up our act.  Check out the webpage today if you’d like to help.  You can join or organize a dive.  Or just donate a buck or two.  I just did that myself.

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