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Walter Russel Meade on Marine Conservation

September 21, 2011

Climate change has a way of sucking all the oxygen out of the room; the fight to save the world’s fisheries has been substantially weakened by all the money and energy that greens have poured into the stalemated fight against climate change.  If environmentalists had spent the last twenty years dealing with issues like overfishing instead of wasting their time on the Kyoto Protocol and the chimerical global carbon treaty, the earth would be in better shape than it is, public confidence in environmentalists would be greater than it is, and I suspect that greens would be more skilled at developing and implementing workable policy solutions than they are now.

Always provocative.  More here.

This is in response to an article on the need for deep-sea fisheries conservation.  The only trick is that few people are immediately impacted by deep-sea fisheries decline, while everyone is impacted by climate change.  This means it may well be harder to advocate for proper deep-sea protections, and there is a great need to advocate for sensible climate policy.


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