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Growth in Marine Protected Areas

November 28, 2011

This chart (click to expand) is from the World Database on Protected Areas which is used to report progress towards Goal 7 of the UN Millennium Development Goals.  Notice how new an idea marine protected areas really are?  I’d say we’re just starting to hit the take off point.

Here are the biggest MPAs in existence according to the latest MPA News.  Pretty interesting that U.S. dominates the Northern Hemisphere.  Having the largest EEZ in the world does not mean you’ll top the charts.  Australia, which has the 3rd largest EEZ, isn’t even on the list.

Southern Hemisphere

  1. Kermadec Benthic Protection Area, New Zealand: 620,467 km2
  2. Chagos Environment Preservation and Protection Zone, British Indian Ocean Territory: 544,000 km2
  3. Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati: 410,500 km2

Northern Hemisphere

  1. Papahānaumokuākea World Heritage Site, US: 362,075 km2
  2. Marianas Trench Marine National Monument, US: 246,608 km2
  3. Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, US: 225,038 km2
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