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Can Working with a Company Benefit Conservation?

February 6, 2012

TNC knows the answer is in the affirmative.

Scientists from The Nature Conservancy are now working with Dow to assess the value of water and the role that marshes, forests, and other ecosystems play in maintaining water flow. Then, with the full picture, Dow hopes to be able to plan better for current and future availability of water from the Brazos River to both its own operations as well as for other stakeholders in the area — including nature.  We believe that our assessment will lead to more awareness of the need for conservation in the Brazos. Toward that end, we are assessing supply and demand trends to create models of future water availability in the river; identifying “green” and “gray” infrastructure options that could help maintain water flow; and analyzing the economics of those options to understand which ones will produce the most value for water users, including Dow, and the environment.

More here.

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