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Expo 2012: The Third Ocean-Themed Expo

February 14, 2012

Yeosu, Korea will this year present a world’s expo with an ocean theme.  This is the third time a world expo has focused on the ocean.  The first was in 1975 in Okinawa, Japan and the second was in 1998 in Lisbon, Portugal.


So here is a question. Is this greenwashing?

It is well-known that countries choose to participate as a way to improve their national image.  But what good will come of it for the ocean?  The 1998 event in Lisbon created the countries largest and still quite popular aquarium.  The only planned result from this expo is that it will create a similar aquarium.  Also, it was only in 1975 that the ocean was a theme for a major world expo (which occur in years ending with ‘0’ or ‘5’).

Anybody have information on the biological status of S. Korean fisheries?  The SAUP points out that S. Korea provides a huge amount of ‘ugly’ fishing subsidies.

There is a blog on the Yeosu expo here.

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