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The Path to Traceability

January 28, 2014

This 2012 video from Oceana gives a great overview of just why we need Seafood Traceability

Traceability exist in a great many industries, so why not in fisheries?  Why is it U.S. seafood retailers know little more than who they bought their seafood from?  Why not also where the seafood was caught?  And with what gear and by whom?  These are important things to know for the purposes of sustainable fisheries management.  The more philosophical explanation will never be known, but pragmatically, we know there is little traceability…because so few governments require it.  Ostensibly, this should be a priority for governments because traceability requirements benefit society and domestic fisheries, assuming at least that there is good domestic policy on fisheries management.

Thankfully, there is slowly a shift occurring where countries pass laws that require companies to keep better information on their seafood products. The EU now requires catch certification. And as of January 2014, Chile is requiring “full traceability” and certification from foreign commercial fishing boats delivering seafood to its ports.

In case you want to know more about this trend in the seafood sector, check out FishWise’s White Paper on Seafood Traceability.

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