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So long, farewell…

December 20, 2016


To quote the venerable Douglas Adams, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

And while I wish that meant my next activity was a moving aquatic dance routine that ended with me flying off into outer space (see video), instead, it means that I have to tell you that I am taking an indefinite and official break from writing content for this blog.

For now, I leave the website up as some of the older posts get a bit of traffic, and well, maybe there’s more than just a little bit of emotional attachment to the digital “real estate.”

But thankfully, this is not the end to my blogging.

This blog and the greater conservation journey it supported over the last six years has brought new opportunities and a new phase in my conservation career in which I focus more on developing solutions than on analyzing the problems.

I now engage in this more applied manner as a PhD student and conservation law enforcement researcher at Michigan State University, and this has really been what’s kept me away from writing so much in the recent past. But now that my coursework is done, and I begin to feel confident with criminological literature and research, it’s time I set out on a slightly different blogging venture.

So what’s next?

Well, I’ll be joining several other early career scientists in developing a blog themed around the science of wildlife law enforcement. It’ll be both a digital home for our research projects and a publishing platform for our experiences, opinions, and anything else we think might benefit conservation.

Want to know more? I’ll have much more to share in early 2017. Feel free to check back here as I’ll update this post once the new website is live.

Update 6/5/2018: As a former professor once magnificently and comedically explained, things can sometimes take a lot longer than expected, and the new website was no exception!  For those who would like to follow my new online writing venture, you can catch me and an amazing team of colleagues at

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