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There are some excellent websites for ocean affairs and analysis.  Here are the best of the best.  Most focus solely on the ocean, but I include some general environment sites as well.   If you think I’ve missed an important link, please pass it along.


iisd Reporting Services News.  The International Institute for Sustainable Development provides daily coverage of international negotiations, analyses, and photos.  It’s a great place to learn what’s happened after an important international meeting on the environment.  I particularly like that they provide background information for context.

Richard Black’s EarthWatch.  BBC journalist Richard Black writes terrific in-depth analysis major environmental events, including marine policy analysis of ICCAT, the ICW, and Rio+20.  The only bad thing is he has a wide beat – we could really do with him writing more on ocean affairs.



The SeaMonster.  Great content and a beauty to look at, this blog is my pick for the best all-around ocean science, art, and entertainment website.  It’s run by the very capable John Bruno (UNC), Emmett Duffy (VIMS), Helen Scales (of The Naked Ocean podcasts), and Zena Carman (

Naked Oceans. Not a blog, but a monthly podcast – and a great one at that. I always look forward to my morning commute when I find a new episode.  You quickly can tell that Helen Scales and Sarah Castor-Perry do a top notch job with the editing and content.

Deep Sea News. This blog is run by a ‘reverently irreverent’ team of ocean scientists who focus on the latest science and all things entertaining, like jellyfish tattoos and pictures of a seal sleeping on a couch.  I particularly like their educational posts, like this one on marine snow.

Southern Fried Science.  This is a really well-written marine science and conservation blog by a team of marine science graduate students. The three authors provide distinct and interesting content, such as Thaler on the deep sea, Shiffman on shark-finning, and Freitag on the use of social science.

Fish HQ. A great blog run by Matt Tinning & Company.  The posts cover U.S. fisheries policy and are generally thought-provoking.

Others worth checking out:


WWF Global.  The Panda has long provided great coverage of marine conservation issues (as well as other issues if you choose to view other topics).

Talking Fish.  Excellent New England fisheries analysis brought to you by the Conservation law Project. Even if you aren’t interested in the region, it provides a lot of insight into the science and politics of fisheries management.

CFP Reform Watch.  A website run by three MEPs in the European Parliament: Isabella Lövin, Jean-Paul Besset, and Raül Romeva i Rueda.  I’ve found it to be a very fair examination of the issues in the on-going CFP reform process.

Cool Green Science.  This TNC blog provides a really nice daily link list and in-depth blogs on all sorts of environmental issues.


INDUSTRY  Excellent coverage of the seafood industry, and most of the articles are free without a subscription.  I do not always agree with their editorials.  Sign up for their daily news brief to stay up-to-date.

gCaptain. This website provides great content on shipping, sailing, piracy, and all other things maritime. It’s a welcome break from the conservation-centric news I typically get. John Konrad is the editor-in-chief and co-wrote a highly praised book on the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

FIS.  This is the website of Fish Information & Services, and it provides news and information for the global seafood industry.

Atuna.  This website provides (usually as an aggregator) excellent information on the global tuna industry and markets.  A login is required, but the signup is free.


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